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About Us

The Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization incorporated in Michigan to help inventors pursue their dreams of bringing new and innovative products to market. Our goal is to help fellow inventors succeed in the most efficient and least costly manner possible by providing education and business networking.

Directors (D) & Positions

Marty Sovis (D) - President, TBD (D) - Vice President, Mary Kordyban (D) - Secretary, Lynn Soave (D) - Treasurer, Dwayne Towns (D), John Tracy (D), Patrick Donlon (D)


Even if the below dates have not been updated it is almost always a safe bet that there is a 2nd Thursday 7:00PM meeting every month except December when we may have a field trip. Everyone is welcome but, there is an admission fee of $5 for non-members. (Annual dues $55, see Membership page.)

Next Council Meeting: August 8, 2024

There are still free webinars and online meetings all over the country! The UIA, IGA, Invent Right and more inventor groups across the nation are providing free webinars, if you join some of the groups, they will provide emails on their events (see our "links" page).

Our line up of speakers:

July - TBD

August - TBD

September - TBD

October - TBD

November - TBD

December - TBD

A big "Thank You" to our future and past speakers!

Any topics you would like to hear about?

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or topic ideas for "Our line up of speakers"

NOTE: We found a New Meeting Location! (See Directions Page)

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