Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan
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Officers & Directors


President — Direct and manage council business, oversee budget and funding, call and lead directors meetings and develop strategy for council's growth. Write articles for newsletter and schedule speakers for member meetings. Lead corporation business for non-profit organization.

Vice President — Assist president in completing council's tasks, provide back-up to president, aid council directors in individual tasks.

Secretary: Document council business, record official information for non-profit corporation and maintain documentation for council.

Treasurer: Maintain records of membership dues, corporation finances, and council's bank accounts. Communicate new membership information to Membership Director.


Membership: Maintain membership records, promote membership to new inventors, develop and implement strategy for growing membership.

Evaluation: Coordinate and lead Invention Review Panel, review and publish information pertaining the art of invention and marketing.

Legal Handles communication with Michigan and US Governments and keeps important papers.

Communications: Get the word out to newspapers, etc., about ICMM meetings, events, and speakers.

Website: Maintain the Inventors Council of Mid-Michigan website.

Council Leadership; (D)=Director:

President: Marty Sovis (D), Vice President: Ken Yee (D), Secretary: Mary Kordyban (D), Treasurer: Lynn Soave, Membership: Lynn Soave, Evaluation: Marty Sovis (D), Directors-at-Large: Dwayne Towns (D), Patrick Donlon (D), Website: Ken Yee (D)

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